faucet review 2018


Cointiply is a little bit less know faucet with beautiful design which is also one of the highest paying one. Every hour you can claim coins, which you convert either into Bitcoin or Dogecoin once you withraw. Also, cool thing is, that ads aren’t too annoying

Reaching withdrawal in Cointiply takes some time, but I’m pretty sure that every claim gives you more than any other faucet does. You can get various amounts, depending on the number you roll and your bonuses. You can withdraw directly to your wallet at 50k or to Faucet hub at 35k coins. There also are lots of fun things, like mining, offers and arcade games which actually pay you in coins.

  • High faucet claim payout with multiplier up to 2x
  • Loyalty bonus up to 150%
  • Arcade games which actually reward you while playing
  • Videos
  • Offer walls
  • Referrals
  • Mining
  • Really nice design
  • Currently, is in active development

I have received payment from them to my Doge address, it was processed in less than 1 hour. Withdrawals are at 50k which equals to 5$. That means you get 5$ of doge and not fixated amount, so you can even try to time when price is lower to get more Doge. Which I think cool and different from other faucets.

Also, Cointiply has some neat features like your activity log, settings, payout graph, cool support and their blog.

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